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Some of my teachers have been asking me lately what they can do to make story telling more interesting and student focused. It got me thinking about different ways to approach stories in my higher level classes where the kids are often too mature for the content of the reading materials in front of them. After surfing the net for a while I came across a clip of an ESL teacher, Antonio Graceffo, on Youtube…

ESL Picture Stories

The idea is that you simultaneously tell a story whilst drawing the images on the board. When you’re done, you have your students come up and attempt to re-tell it using their spoken English and drawing skills. I’ve tried it out in a couple of my classes since I watched the clip and it really is effective! My students loved to get creative and crazy when attempting to re-tell the stories and the added element of imagery keeps their attention and helps them to add visual stimulus to the language. This kind of activity is great for both auditory and visual learners. It also emphasizes creative and unscripted use of the language.

Give it a go in your next story class and let me know how it goes or if you come up with any ideas to develop the activity!


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