Temperature: 25-37 °C

Language: Khmer

Location: South East Asia

Capital City: Phnom Penh

Cambodia is one of the most interesting countries on the planet. With its fascinating history and stunning ancient landmarks, it certainly warrants a closer look from tourists and potential English teachers alike. While the country remains relatively poor compared to its neighbours in Asia, most visitors report an unparalleled hospitality towards foreigners from the Cambodian people. With a cautious approach to your travels, you can experience the incredible adventures this stunning country has to offer. ESL jobs are more limited in number than in other Asian countries but there is a demand and the job market is continuously growing.

Item Price USD$
Standard beer 

Restaurant meal

Water (1.5 litres)

Loaf of Bread

Pack of cigarettes

Taxi (5km)

Nice apartment (per month)

Utilities (per 3 months)