Temperature: 5-35 °C

Language: Japanese

Location: East Asia

Capital City: Tokyo

Despite recent economic troubles and natural disasters, Japan still has one of the biggest and well-established markets for teaching English. With its unique blend of the world’s most modern cities and stunning scenery, Japan is a fantastic place to live. While it’s true that the cost of living is higher than other Asian countries, teacher’s salaries are also much higher. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about breaking the bank to eat sushi for dinner or ride the bullet train. Japan is able to cater for both western and oriental tastes- not only in terms of food but in terms of fashion and entertainment. Depending on your mood you can spend the night watching traditional theatre shows, sumo wrestling or even a baseball game. The Japanese culture of respect for others and extremely low rates of crime make it one of the easiest places to start a new life.

There are various options for teachers looking to come here. For many years the government have invested heavily in its JET program which promotes the teaching of English to young citizens. Potential teachers can apply to go down the more competitive, official route via this program or choose from the huge selection of schools advertising for teaching staff.

Item Price USD$
Standard beer 

Restaurant meal

Water (1.5 litres)

Loaf of Bread

Pack of cigarettes

Taxi (5km)

Nice apartment (per month)

Utilities (per 3 months)