Temperature: 5-35 °C

Language: Korean

Location: East Asia

Capital City: Seoul

With a massive demand for teachers and an attractive way of life, South Korea should certainly be considered as a potential destination for any ESL teacher. The country is able to offer great salaries, a pleasant way of life and a high standard of living. Like Japan it has a mixture of modern cities and beautiful countryside. The Korean culture is interesting and the people are friendly to westerners. With the cost of living being low in contrast to the generous salaries, those looking to work hard and make plenty of savings would be well suited to this country. Job opportunities are not limited to children but are also found in the universities. It’s a truly fantastic place to set up a new life teaching English abroad.

Item Price USD$
Standard beer 

Restaurant meal

Water (1.5 litres)

Loaf of Bread

Pack of cigarettes

Taxi (5km)

Nice apartment (per month)

Utilities (per 3 months)