For years Poland has been one of the biggest ESL markets in Europe. A developing country with a constant desire to equip itself with the English language, Poland has many opportunities for teachers. The country’s culture is certainly interesting and its history, although an unfortunate one in recent times, is worth exploring. The cost of living is cheaper than most of Europe so the salaries definitely enable a comfortable lifestyle. In both the capital city of Warsaw and the smaller cities there are plenty of jobs to choose from.

  • Item Price (USD$)
  • Standard beer $1.60
  • Restaurant meal $7
  • Water (1.5 litres) $0.70
  • Loaf of Bread$0.90
  • Pack of cigarettes $4
  • Taxi (5km) $6
  • Nice apartment (month) $350-490
  • Utilities (per 3 months) $260
  • General Facts
  • Temperature-10-23 ºC
  • Language Polish
  • Location Europe
  • Capital City Warsaw