Temperature: 15-35 °C

Language: Spanish

Location: West Europe

Capital City: Madrid

Spain is usually associated with beach resorts that provide an easy escape for European holiday makers in search of cheap booze and sunshine. To assume that Spain has nothing else to offer is in fact a gross misconception of one of the most scenic and culturally rich places on earth. The landscapes, architecture and cuisine are just some of the great things which make the Spanish way of life so enjoyable. In many cities around the country there are, and will certainly be in the future, many job opportunities for English teachers. The salaries may not be the highest of the ESL world but the lifestyle means that if you were given an apartment, food and drink- you would probably be willing to work for free!

Item Price USD$
Standard beer 

Restaurant meal

Water (1.5 litres)

Loaf of Bread

Pack of cigarettes

Taxi (5km)

Nice apartment (month)

Utilities (per 3 months