Sangmyeong Elementary School in Seoul is looking for enthusiastic and well-qualified full time English Teachers for several positions. Sangmyeong Elementary School is a well organized private school with a long history and good reputation. The school currently has 23 native teachers and 1 korean English teacher. The school provides English teachers with good working conditions and a nice work atmosphere. Each teacher will have his/her own classroom furnished with computer, internet, LCD TV etc. A teacher will teach just 1 grade among six grades. A teacher will teach one major subject such as Math, Science, Reading&Literature, or Thematic Living English. The student body is composed of Grades 1 – 6 (7 – 12 years old). Maximum teaching hours would be under 26 hours (less than 26 classes(40 min.)). The number of students in a class is 17, and the total vacation period (summer and winter) will be 40 weekdays. We guarantee 10 days Christmas Holidays which is included in 40 days a year. All the national holidays and school holidays are holidays for English teachers.


– Contract Period: August the 29th, 2011 – February 29th, 2012(6month:Renewable)
– 2.3 to 2.55 million won/month depending on teachers’ qualifications
Teaching experience in Korea and TESOL, TEFL, CELTA Teaching Certificate in hometown will be welcomed.
– Housing: either furnished single place or housing allowance 450,000 Won per month.
– One month pay on completion of contract as severance
– Airfare 800,000 won.
– Good working hours(8:30 am – 4:30pm , Monday-Friday)
– Health insurance and Pension by law
If interested, MAIL, Fax or E-Mail a complete application including the following:
– Cover Letter, Resume with recent photo,
(Detailing teaching experience & education) with phone number and e-mail.
– Copy of Passport / Alien Card in Korea
– Copies of college diplomas and certificate of TESOL, TEFL, CELTA etc
– Either a criminal background check from your home country which covers the whole country.
– Phone number and current location
– When you can not come to an interview in person, a self-intro or teaching demo video clip(5-10mins) will be helpful. Post it on and let us know the link or send the file through email.

– E-Mail:
– Cell phone: Mr.Lee (Director) 010-9005-4426
– Fax: (02) 976-2785 School office
– Address: Sangmyeong Elementary School
515-1, Junggye-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul,
South Korea
– Tel: (02) 971-6214