Josh is originally from Wakefield, England and is now based in the Tianjin, China. He holds a B.A (Hons) degree in History with Politics and Economics. Before he became an English teacher he worked in a range of sectors including; special educational needs, legal advising and for some time he was the Recruitment Manager for one of the biggest physical education providers in the UK. He combined his passion for education and travelling by moving to China- where he has worked in the Fujian province and he currently works for one of the most highly regarded language schools in the municipality of Tianjin. He is very interested in the development of ESL teaching methodology and has an incredible wealth of ideas and activities.

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Question time

Why did you become an ESL teacher?

For me teaching is one of the most rewarding professions you can undertake. I’ve always been interested in languages and teaching of various kinds so it made sense to become an ESL teacher and see some of the world in the process.

What do you like most about teaching English?

Apart from seeing my students actually enjoying learning English, I love the emphasis on creativity within the ESL industry.

Which age group do you particularly enjoy teaching?

I genuinely enjoy teaching students of all ages- including adults. I get a lot out of teaching kindergartens and juniors but I really like the challenge of engaging often temperamental teenagers.

What is your advice for people who are thinking about teaching English abroad?

Just do it! With the current economic circumstances in western countries, now is a great time to start a new life abroad. Of course it’s easier said than done but if you do your research, do some training and keep an open mind you won’t go far wrong.