Mike was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, U.S.A. He spent his teenage years in New York City where he completed his undergrad in Political Science. In 2007 he decided to move over to South Korea and teach at a private language school. Since then he has worked in Taiwan and is now back in Korea working as the Director of Studies for a school in Seoul. Mike is keen to offer advice to new recruits and teachers alike. He is a great source of information and ideas for developing your performance in the classroom.
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When and why did you become an ESL teacher?
Back in 2006 a friend of mine was teaching over in Korea. For Thanksgiving I decided to go over and visit him as I’d heard how great it was. I loved the country and got offered a job over there. A few months later I was heading back to start my new life.

What is it like managing a language school in the far East?
It certainly has its challenges. My school employs 8 foreign teachers, all from different walks of life, so it makes it an interesting place to work. Some of the day to day aspects of the job can be diffficult but it’s incredibly rewarding to help other teachers develop.

What does it feel like teaching a class of kids who understand very little english?
I wouldn’t change my job for any amount of money and I’d completely recommend it to anyone. The first time you step into the classroom you will be nervous but after a while you’ll get to know your students and feel great about the time you spend teaching them. There are moments of frustration when things don’t go so well but overall the feeling you get from seeing your students enjoy learning english makes it worth while.