Alphabet line
Give students a letter each at random (prepare a pile of letter cards and shuffle them).  Tell them to line up across the room in alphabetical order.

Alphabet Listening
Give each student a letter. Say a series of words in no particular alphabetical order. When a word beginning with the students’ letter is called they shout the letter/word.

Alphabet soup
Assign each student a letter (or letters) of the alphabet. Have them run around the room, dance to music, do TPR etc then shout ABC. Students must then quickly try to line up in alphabetical order.

Alphabet stand up
Give each student a letter of the alphabet. Say the alphabet and when they hear their letter they hold up the card or simply stand up and say it. Change each student’s letter and repeat it again.

Alphabets word shout
You stand at the front. Shout out a letter. The first student to shout out a word beginning with that letter wins.

Alphabet touch
Teacher calls out a letter and students try to find and touch something in the room which begins with that letter.

Alphabet races
Have two lines of students facing the board. Divide the board into halves. The two front students write ‘A’ then pass the pen to the next student and go to the back of the line. After completing the alphabet, have them do it backwards.

Alphabet erasing
Divide the board in half. In each section write a jumbled up alphabet. Have the students do a relay to erase the words in order.

Alphabet body shapes
Shout out a letter and have students individually or in pairs try to make the letter with their bodies.

Alphabet floor writing
Use non permanent marker pens. Have your students practice the alphabet by writing it all over the floor. They will repeatedly write out the alphabet or any other words and the novelty of writing on the floor will keep them entertained for a while.

Alphabet relay
Split your students into small groups. Divide the board into sections. Have them line up to their group’s section of the board. Give the front students a pen each, shout go and have them do a relay race to complete the alphabet. Then have them try to do it backwards.

Alphabet word scramble
Students should form 2 equal teams in circles on the floor. Use 4 sets of small alphabet flashcards. Give 2 sets of the alphabet to each team. The teacher calls out a word ‘frog’ the students then have to make the word with the letters they have, 1 student should bring them up to the board and arrange them on the board or on the floor. The team who complete the word correctly 1st get a point for their team, then onto the next word.

Alphabet floor bodies
Students pair up together and make letters of the alphabet on the floor using their bodies and saying the letter. Then the teacher can go round the room with a whiteboard marker and draw around the bodies and give points to the best pair.