John Smith
Junior beginner
Lesson Number
Aims and Objectives: Grammar, vocabulary and spelling
Grammar point: Can you…?  Yes I can/No I can’t
Materials Needed: Pen, paper, board, flashcards
Time Activity (page/book/description) Interaction Purpose
5-10 mins Roll call and homework
10 mins Spelling game
2-5 mins Explain the grammar point
10 mins Flashcard activities
5-10 mins TPR game: Teacher says an action the students do it
15 mins Hangman
10 mins Spelling races
20 mins Play Dodge ball
5 mins Give homework
Class Notes & Homework: Activity Book page 17

Why is it a bad plan?

This plan is not very good for several reasons. Firstly, it is not structured in any kind of sensible order. The ways in which the teacher will deal with the grammar point is not clear whatsoever and doesn’t seem to have a logical order in terms of presenting, practicing and playing. The activities themselves are put into a random order with no real sense of how one will naturally lead into the other. The lack of detail is another serious flaw. With vague mentions of activities the teacher may easily lose their way during the lesson without any way to remind themselves how games and activities should be done properly.  There is no mention of interactions and purpose with each aspect of the lesson so the teacher is not making sure that they cover all the essential elements of the class. Finally the timings are obscure and uncertain. Therefore it is difficult for the teacher to keep track of each how long they should be spending on each activity and where they should be at any given point during the lesson.