Aug 2014 04

As educational technology continues to develop, many ESL language schools are adapting their teaching styles and classroom environments by using Smartboards and various other high-tech gadgets.

In terms of teaching style, I try to use a wide variety of techniques, props, gadgets and activities that are simple to set up and effective in aiding the understanding of the topic being taught. This is a combination of my own personal teaching style and the fact that i like to have a backup as technology often fails .

I do embrace technology in the classroom much more now and use it to my own advantage. Smartboards have replaced the regular white boards in the classrooms of many teaching establishments. Whilst this kind of technology is not essential, it certainly adds a great resource to the lesson and enables the teacher to engage audio-visual learners on a new level. For example, I’ve used some great flash games to drill vocabulary, letters and phonics. By getting the students up and having them use the interactive technology, they get a kinetic/visual memory to attach to the new words. The possibilities with Smartboards are endless. You can design activities, make presentations, play songs, use videos and integrate all kinds of visual effects to engage and enthuse your students.

If your school has technology in the classroom and you are like meĀ  and have avoided using it in your classes much before; then we should embrace the modern era together and spend some time learning new ways to use the technology and resources we’ve got to enhance the learning experience for your students! However, always have a backup in mind for when technology doesn’t hold up to its end of the deal.


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